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Up Close With Martyn Collin – CEO

Our CEO, Martyn, joined Services For Education in November 2017.

His interview for Birmingham Living, earlier this year, is a perfect addition to our “Meet the Team” series and will give you a better idea of what we’re all about.

Originally posted by Birmingham Living.

Please give us your CV (where you’ve been, what you’ve done, milestones, etc)

Thirty-seven years ago I began teaching in a small international school in the heart of the Shropshire countryside. In 1984 I moved back to Birmingham, where I was born and had grown up, and worked in schools in Handsworth, Hodge Hill, and Sparkhill before becoming the Headteacher at New Hall School in Falcon Lodge in 1995. In 2004 I became the Principal Adviser for Birmingham and was responsible for 350+ schools. In 2007 I moved to work for the National Strategies as a Senior Regional Director. In this role I worked across 22 local authorities In the NW from Cheshire to Cumbria, Liverpool to Manchester.

In June 2011 I returned to Birmingham and Headship at Erdington Hall Primary School, part of the Ninestiles Trust where I later became Deputy CEO, and Interim CEO from September 2016 to May 2017.

In November 2017 I took up post as CEO for Services for Education. I am really proud to have spent most of my career working in Birmingham, making a difference for Birmingham children.

What is your role? (what you do, what it means to those you work/come into contact with)

As CEO, my role is to lead the team of 270 staff at Services For Education, a professional service provider of education and learning which improves the lives of children, young people and adults.

Our School Support Service works with over 570 schools a year providing expert training to staff, supporting 500 newly qualified teachers, and fulfilling some statutory obligations on behalf of Birmingham City Council.

Our Music Service is one of the largest providers of music tuition in the country the and we teach

over 38,000 children/young people every week and runs 70 ensemble groups across the city

providing opportunities for them to become members of bands and groups and play at some of the

City’s great venues.

Ambitions? (personally and professionally, plus maybe for the wider community. Etc. Would be great if this could be as personal to you as possible)

I am a proud Brummie. My father grew up in Saltley, my mother in Aston and they married at Aston Church. . I went to school in Erdington and Boldmere and my children have grown up here and benefited from all Birmingham has to offer.

I have spent my professional life giving back to the city I love through my work as a teacher, Head teacher and now CEO. As the CEO of Services For Education I have an even greater chance to give back to the city. Most of our work is focused on children and young adults but over the next few years we are looking to broaden our impact by working with adults in the city and developing lifelong learning opportunities through community choirs, and our new music schools. It’s all about giving back.

Your biggest success? (personally and professionally – could be something that might surprise people who don’t know you)

Professionally – Without doubt being a headteacher. The best job in the world. When I failed my 11 plus I never thought I would do anything like being a teacher but over time opportunities opened up and I just grabbed them.

Personally – I was a member of the England Junior Ski Team from 1975 to 1978

Biggest lesson learned? (the classic ‘if I was doing that over again’ question…)

As a leader you can’t do everything yourself. Surround yourself with brilliant people who are better than you and let them get on with it!

First impressions of/favourite thing about Birmingham?

I love the vibrancy of Brum, brought about by its cultural mix.

Downtime? (how you relax, unwind and chill out. A little more than being with friends and family please…)

I ride my road bike around the lanes of North Warwickshire, Staffordshire and South Derbyshire at weekends. I love cycling on my own but have just purchased a tandem and plan to get my wife, also a teacher, to join me. She’s not yet convinced. I also play drums in the Expresso Bongo Orchestra, a 10 piece, dance band once described by Jim Simpson, Big Bear Records, as the best band in  their price range.