Free safeguarding training online

Free Safeguarding Training Online Courses and Resources

What is safeguarding children, and which free online training and resources do you need to mitigate the risks? Here is everything you need to know.

Thanks to 21st-century technology, there are countless free safeguarding training online courses. However, added access brings greater volume.

To help you cut through the noise and make your life easier, we’ve done all the hard work for you. Read on to discover some of the best free safeguarding training online courses from Services of Education in Birmingham and resources just a click away.

What is the Definition of Safeguarding Children?

We all have a shared responsibility for safeguarding children and young people. Each professional and organisation that comes into contact with children have a role to play in identifying concerns, sharing information and taking prompt action.

We define safeguarding as:

  • Protecting children from maltreatment
  • Preventing impairment of health and development
  • Ensuring the provision of safe and effective care
  • Taking action to enable all children to have the best outcomes

It is the responsibility of any professional who works with children to protect them from these risks and take the right actions to report their concerns.

As professionals, we need to make sure that we all do the right thing every time we have a concern or receive a disclosure, and create an organisational culture that ensures effective safeguarding.

However, recognising when intervention or further support is needed can be a challenge. To help you and other teaching staff at your school master this vital part of the job, you need to invest time into formal safeguarding training.

Best Free Safeguarding Training Online Courses and Resources

The Designated Safeguarding Leads (DSL) Podcast  

Squeezing in time to learn more about the complexities of safeguarding children in education isn’t always easy. But with the DSL Podcast from Services For Education Birmingham, you can acquire critical insights on the move.

On your commute to work. During free lessons. While lesson planning. You name it; the DSL Podcast is ready to stream whenever you’re ready.

Some of the previous episodes cover topics like:

  • What to do before and during the 2-day DSL course?
  • The early help process, EHAs and OFP
  • Supervision and safeguarding
  • Safer working practices
  • Information about the SFE Safeguarding Subscription

Domestic Abuse, Schools and MARACs Free Webinar

A crucial part of safeguarding children against the damaging effects of domestic abuse is understanding how the adult victims in the families are supported through the MARAC (Multi Agency Risk Assessment Conferences) process.

MARAC aims to share essential information to help improve the safety, health and wellbeing of adult victims and their children.

In this free webinar, Sarah Pugh and Emma-Louise Hodgson explore the correlation between domestic abuse, child protection and the support for adult victims through MARAC.

The great thing about this free safeguarding training online webinar is that it is on-demand. So, you can watch it at a time that suits you.

Preparing for the Full Return to School in September Free Webinar Series

New term, new challenges. As the world continues to adjust to the new normal, there are many things to consider in this academic year.

This free 4-part webinar series simplifies the overwhelming amount of advice and research available on navigating through the autumn term.

In each webinar, the highly experienced and knowledgeable Tricia Bunn highlights the important aspects of recent guidance, analyses the best evidence, and offers other sources of useful information.

Other Valuable Safeguarding Training

If you are keen to continue learning about safeguarding children online, you can find various other training courses available for a small cost at Services For Education, Birmingham. We also offer in-house training sessions and bespoke consultancy services.

Every course is delivered by an expert in safeguarding children. Over the years, they have given thousands of teaching professionals the tools and knowledge they need to keep children safe from harm.

Some of our paid safeguarding training courses include:

You can find our full range of safeguarding training courses here. In the meantime, if you have any questions, get in touch or call us on 0121 366 9950.