Media Profiles

We are happy to provide expert opinion on music, educational and learning topics, please do get in touch using the individual emails/phone numbers below or call our Press Office at Clarke Associates on 0121 702 2525

Tracy Carlton - Services For Education

Tracy carlton
DIR Marketing & business development

Tracy’s expertise is in strategic marketing within the educational context, marketing communications and product and business development

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Martyn Collin - CEO - Services For Education

Martyn Collin

Martyn’s expertise is in Trust and School leadership, multi-academy trust development, school improvement and trust and school governance.

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Andrew cooper
Head of school support service

Andrew’s expertise is in safeguarding in schools and for those working with children, school funding and mental health and wellbeing of teachers and students in school.
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Stuart Birnie
head of the music service

Stuart’s expertise is in primary/secondary/post 16 instrumental learning, whole class instrumental teaching in primary schools, music in the arts and impact of music education.
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Paul Douglas - Services For Education - Music Provision

Paul douglas
Assistant head of the music service

Paul’s expertise is in the impact of music education, event management and the music industry in education and music for faith communities.
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Sandra passmore
senior adviser

Sandra’s expertise is in safeguarding in schools and the education sector, health and wellbeing in schools, Health For Life and the Daily Mile programme.

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Denise Harris - Services For Education - School Support and Teacher Training

Denise Harris

Denise’s expertise is in assessment in primary schools and teaching of maths and numeracy.

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serena caine - services for education

Serena Caine

Serena’s expertise is in the education and learning of 0 – 5 year olds.
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Harjit Singh - Services For Education - Music Provision

Harjit Singh

Harjit’s expertise is in multicultural music in schools and the community and teaching and developing world music in schools and the community.

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