the annual fund

Annual Fund donations are distributed to various Music Service projects, depending on which areas need support at that time. Current projects include:

  • Music Cares. Providing a variety of music-making opportunities for children in the care system across Birmingham. 
  • Friends of Services For Education. Supporting our free Central and Area Ensembles which are open to all children and young people in Birmingham.
  • Soundtots. A music-making and language-boosting intervention designed to raise musical and personal outcomes for young children.

You can click on the respective links above to find out more about each project.

All of our projects require a significant investment, and we want to do more. So if you…

  • Believe that musical education can have a profoundly positive impact on the lives of children and young people
  • Believe that music can benefit and strengthen the wider community
  • Want to unlock musical potential in our city and inspire Birmingham’s next generation

Supporting our annual fund will help us to do that and so much more. 

Our annual fund channels donations to support our projects (Soundots, Music Cares and The Friends) and key activities such as:

  • Free Ensembles.
    We organise over 80 bands, choirs and orchestras across the city at no cost to parents or young people.
  • FREE Musical Instruments.
    Alongside our expert tuition, we support nearly 28,000 young musicians with the free loan of a musical instrument.
  • Access to Music. 
    We are currently developing projects to provide music opportunities for children in care, and to take music further in to Birmingham’s special schools.

Large or small, your support can make a difference.

A single donation of:

  • £5 – Could help provide the essential reeds & strings
  • £30 – Could help pay for the annual service of one of our 28,000 musical instruments
  • £100 – Could help buy new music to enrich the repertoire of one of our free ensembles

A regular donation of:

  • £3pcm – Could help pay for whole class instrument tuition in a primary school for a year
  • £15pcm – Could pay for one week’s rehearsal space hire for an ensemble
  • £25pcm – Could help fund projects that make music more accessible to young people

When you make a donation to the annual fund, it will be distributed to whichever project needs it most. There are various ways to set up your donation, whether you wish to donate once, or on a more regular basis.

Click here or on the button below to see the different ways you can support us.

Or if you’d like to have a chat first, please contact our Fundraising Manager, Daniel, at daniel.o’ or call us on 0121 366 9950.

Thank you.

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