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The world has changed, and with limited budgets, time and resources, we know that it is more important than ever for schools and educational settings to receive tailored support and training.

At Services For Education, our expert advisers work collaboratively with you to assess your school’s strengths and areas for improvement and develop a bespoke package of support that addresses your specific needs based on your individual challenges, whole school priorities and targets.

We focus on providing sustainable solutions that will positively impact your school’s results for years to come, and we do it all in a format that suits you (timings, location, online etc.)

Expertise – we are extremely passionate about our fields and devote a great deal of time to CPD ourselves, to remain at the cutting edge of national and local developments and ensure all training and support is relevant, up to date and actionable for your school. The numerous awards we have won reflect this.

See our awards.

Experience – our experience speaks for itself. We have over 170 years of combined experience within the team, of both teaching and leading schools which means we have the strategic thinking and pragmatic “real world” view of what it takes to be a teacher.

Meet the team.

Adaptability – Our broad offer reflects the wide range of school needs and varies in accordance with the external environment. We can offer Insets, online and centre-based training courses; we provide bespoke training courses and/or more detailed audits and consultancy; and we aim to cover all areas important to educational settings.

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Advice and Support, Tailored to Your School’s Needs

Our team have a breadth of experience and knowledge and can therefore support you with all aspects of school support you may have.

Below, you can find just a sample of the areas of school support we are able to offer. Browse and click “quick view” to find out more about our consultancy services, or if you can’t find what you’re looking for, please do get in touch. 

Can’t find what you are looking for? 

Our advisers have a wealth of experience in most areas of education and school life and we also work with a range of external associates who are able to provide advisory services.

If you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for in the consultancy services above, get in touch. We will put together a bespoke offer for you, or point you in the right direction of someone who can. 

Gain fresh perspective and expert advice from experienced professionals.

Our consultancy services are built on a foundation of research-based practices that have been tried and tested. We understand the importance of investing in curriculum development, data analysis, teacher training, and leadership coaching. These four pillars are crucial in driving school improvement and are the basis of our consultancy services. We will:

  • Provide practical tools and strategies that can be implemented immediately.
  • Provide ongoing mentoring and guidance ensuring you have access to expert advice throughout the duration of your programme.
  • Work collaboratively with you to assess your school’s strengths and weaknesses and develop a customised plan that addresses your specific needs.
  • Cover a wide range of areas, from strategic planning and leadership development to curriculum design, teaching and learning, and assessment and accountability.
  • Suggest sustainable solutions that will positively impact your school’s results for years to come.
  • Provide practical support in the form of training and development programs for teachers and school leaders.

We understand that every school is unique, which is why we develop bespoke programmes that consider the school’s individual challenges, goals and aspirations.

Get in touch today and we can discuss your exact requirements and create a bespoke programme that suits you.

Knowledgeable Experts, Passionate About the Future of Education

Our team really are our greatest asset. Their passion for teaching and commitment to excellence make them invaluable resources for schools looking to improve their educational outcomes, using the latest information regarding educational trends, research initiatives, and strategic thinking.

Use the arrows to scroll and read more about our advisers below.

Emma Mudge

Job Title: School Support Adviser
Areas of Expertise: English, Safeguarding, Assessment

An esteemed primary education professional, Emma brings over two decades of experience and expertise to her role as Educational Adviser for English at Services for Education. She is dedicated to improving teaching standards and school improvement, with a focus on enhancing reading attainment.

Emma has over 20 years of experience working in primary education. Throughout this time, she worked as a leader in a wide variety of areas, and as Assistant Head Teacher, Deputy Head Teacher, and Acting Head Teacher, she has been at the forefront of school leadership and improvement for a significant number of years.  

Emma now works as the Educational Adviser for English and is also a member of the Safeguarding team, sharing her experience and knowledge to continually promote and improve the quality of safeguarding, the standard of teaching and learning in English, and in school improvement overall. Supporting schools with the accuracy of their KS1 and KS2 writing assessments is an important part of her role as she can use her expertise as a member for the moderation team to inform, train and support teachers and school leaders. 

Emma is also part of the team which delivers the Health For Life programme (improving the healthy opportunities for primary aged children) and the NPQSL, where she proudly supports the development of our aspiring leaders in the city. 

Helen Grundy

Job Title: School Support Adviser
Areas of Expertise: Maths, Healthy Lifestyles, ECT Support

Helen Grundy is highly regarded for her expertise in maths, teacher development, and behavior management. She leads successful initiatives like Health for Life in Primary Schools and supports NQTs as the Induction Manager. Helen also plays a crucial role in statutory assessments, ensuring accuracy and fairness.

Helen Grundy

Helen's journey began in 1998 when she proudly graduated with a first-class honour’s degree in English and Education Studies. Her time studying in Amsterdam at the Hogeschool Holland added a TESOL element to her degree, opening her eyes to international approaches to education.

Her teaching career in Staffordshire saw her excel in various roles, from subject leadership to SENCo and SLT. Helen's passion and dedication led her to become a Leading Maths Teacher, supporting colleagues and ultimately transitioning into consultancy and advisory roles.

Joining Services For Education in 2015 as an Education Adviser, Helen's initial focus on Maths Advising quickly expanded to include managing the highly successful Health for Life in Primary Schools programme and overseeing ECT Induction. Her expertise is also sought after for delivering parts of the nationally recognised NPQ suite of qualifications.

Helen's journey is not just a career, but a testament to her unwavering commitment to education and the betterment of schools and students.   

Jo Perrin

Job Title: School Support Adviser
Areas of Expertise: Safeguarding, Mental Health, RSHE

Jo Perrin, an experienced Education Adviser excels in safeguarding, mental health, and RSHE. She offers advisory services and training to schools and organisations, sharing her wisdom and creating widely adopted resources. Jo is also involved in inter-agency safeguarding groups and research projects on FGM.

Jo Perrin

Jo Perrin is a seasoned Education Adviser with a strong background in safeguarding. She has held key roles as a Designated Safeguarding Lead and pastoral lead in the education sector. Facilitating training to enhance the knowledge and skills of professionals working directly with children and young people is her passion.

With a wealth of experience in teaching PSHE and expertise in childhood trauma from her time as a foster carer, Jo is dedicated to supporting organisations that work with children and vulnerable adults on safeguarding issues. She is actively involved in professional safeguarding groups in the West Midlands and is currently collaborating on a research project with colleagues from the University of Birmingham and the NHS focusing on FGM awareness within communities. Jo’s has worked as a West Midlands' Adviser for national PSHE resources, presented at the Sex Education Forum National Members' Event and authored an advertorial for PSM magazine and an article for SEND magazine.

Jo's expertise extends to training on topics such as Safer Recruitment and Mental Health at Work. She is also a facilitator for the nationally recognised NPQSL qualification, supporting senior leaders in education. Her contributions to publications and development of resources for RSE provision have been well-received by schools nationally and internationally.

With her extensive experience and dedication to professional development, Jo Perrin is a highly respected figure in the field of education. Her guidance on safeguarding, mental health awareness, personal development, and relationships education is highly valued within the industry.

Dr Simone Whitehouse-James

Job Title: School Support Adviser
Areas of Expertise: Religious Education, ECT Support, Leadership

Simone, a highly experienced RE consultant, advises SACRE, develops teaching resources, supports pupil voice, and trains Governing Bodies. As a visiting lecturer, she combines educational theory with early career teaching expertise. Simone also serves as an induction manager, providing tailored advice and training for ECTs.

Simone Website Image Outline

Simone's journey in the field of education is nothing short of remarkable. Armed with a deep passion for Religious Education, she has not only excelled in her own academic pursuits but has also dedicated herself to the betterment of the education system.

From her early days as a Head of Department leading RE in schools in Birmingham to her current role as an Education Advisor at Services For Education, Simone has constantly pushed the boundaries of her knowledge and expertise. Simone has also worked as a visiting lecturer on the Birmingham University RE PGDip course. Her commitment to the field is evident in her decision to pursue a PhD, delving into the unique approach to teaching RE in Birmingham.

But Simone's impact goes beyond just Religious Education. Her extensive knowledge of ITT and the Early Career Framework has allowed her to support teachers, school leaders, and governors in their professional development journey. As an Induction Manager and facilitator for the Best Practice Network, she plays a crucial role in shaping the next generation of educators and school leaders.

Simone's dedication to her craft is unwavering, whether she's engaging with faith groups, acting as the drafting secretary for the Agreed Syllabus Conference, advising on curriculum development, or delivering nationally recognised CPD as part of the NPQ suite of qualifications. Her passion for education is truly inspiring, as she continues to push boundaries, challenge norms, and lead by example in the world of education.

Lucie Welch

Job Title: School Support Adviser
Areas of Expertise: Safeguarding, PSHE, RSE, Emotional Wellbeing, Leadership.

Lucie, an experienced education professional, specialises in safeguarding, PSHE, and RSE. She advises on trauma mitigation, emotional well-being, and promoting gender equality. Lucie delivers training, supervises teacher training programs, and offers tailored consultancy.

Lucie Welch

Lucie Welch has worked in the field of Primary Education for the last 15 years, holding the positions of Assistant Head of School, Designated Safeguarding Lead, Attendance Lead and Designated Teacher for Looked After Children. Through working across several local authorities and within multi-academy trusts, Lucie has garnered a passion for safeguarding and supporting children and young people to enable them to thrive.

At Services For Education, Lucie is an integral part of the Safeguarding team, sharing her expertise with schools, colleges, trusts, and other educational settings across the city of Birmingham and beyond. Dedicated to improving safeguarding practices in an actionable and impactful way, Lucie works closely with settings to provide bespoke training, supports with reflection on their own practices during Safeguarding audits and always strives to contribute to a better learning environment for all children. Through delivery of statutory training for DSLs and Safer Recruitment, Lucie works with colleagues in all age ranges and is a source of expertise within these areas.

Lucie also wears other important hats within the School Support Team. Not only is she dedicated to ensuring the safety and well-being of students through her role in safeguarding, but she also plays a key part in the PSHE/RSE and Health for Life teams. Additionally, Lucie partners with the Best Practice Network to deliver the Early Career Framework, supporting new teachers in their professional development.

Denise Harris

Job Title: School Support Adviser
Areas of Expertise: Assessment, Interventions, Leadership.

Denise, a highly experienced teacher and consultant, specialises in assessment. She has worked with Edge Hill University to deliver successful intervention programs and holds an MA in Early Mathematics. Denise also leads primary assessment moderation for Birmingham LA.

Denise Harris

Denise has enjoyed many years working as a qualified teacher in Birmingham. She has taught across the age range in schools, in an Education Action Zone, and in a Youth Offending Unit.  As a local authority primary numeracy consultant, she has supported many schools to effectively develop their maths provision, and this continues through her management of the very successful 'Every Child Counts' mathematics interventions, developed and supported by Edge Hill University, and which are proven to have a significant impact, not only on underachieving and SEND pupils, but also on teacher and teaching assistant subject and pedagogical knowledge, classroom and whole school practice.

Nowadays, Denise successfully delivers the primary statutory assessment contract for moderation and monitoring on behalf of Birmingham LA. She has been instrumental in effectively managing the changes over time to the statutory assessment processes but does not lose sight of the need for schools and teachers to make use of ongoing formative assessment strategies as part of the teaching and learning process to monitor pupil progress. In her statutory role, Denise works closely with other moderation managers both locally and nationally to ensure a consistent understanding of national guidance and related requirements. She recruits, trains, and accredits both KS1 and KS2 pool moderators and utilises her knowledge and understanding of these processes to ensure, through her training offer, that schools are equipped to fulfil their statutory duty confidently.

What do our customers say?

‘I just wanted to say that I found the briefing today so informative and useful and at the same time very reassuring as it underpins our actions for school improvement.

Thank you as it must have taken a lot of work putting it altogether. We are going to share your presentation and the vodcast to all of our staff during the training day scheduled on 23rd October as its key messages need to be heard by all.’

Clare Lucus, Head Teacher, Hodge Hill Primary School

“A very informative half day of training delivered by Emma. She catered the training for our school and its needs. The staff came away feeling more confident to embed the text centred approach to writing in our school. Having Emma’s pedagogical knowledge, helped us realise why we have selected this approach for our children. Staff were overwhelmingly positive.”  

Jonjo Wilson, Acting Headteacher, St Gerard’s Catholic Primay School

“I wanted to thank you for supporting Billesley School by sharing your expertise with: RE, curriculum development and legislation knowledge. Without this support we are under no assumption that the success of empowering, re-inspiring teachers and giving the RE curriculum the fundamental uplift that it needed, would have not been as successful without.

Your presentation during our inset was delivered with a simple yet methodical approach, the adaptions made to support and encompass the needs of the school was simply phenomenal to be apart of. It would be great to have you back in a years time to see how we have progressed with it. Forever in your debt”.

Ayesha McDaniel, Assistant Principal, Billesley Primary School

“Jo Perrin did an outstanding job of delivering our DSL top up training. For this in-house session, we had a diverse team of staff with very different roles, all to do with safeguarding and Jo ensured that the full team were fully versed in changes, priorities and legalities. The session was engaging and very thorough. It inspired reviews of how we could build in tweaks into our practice and areas for us to have further discussion, with everyone being well informed. Jo was very approachable and knowledgeable and her training was excellent. Thank you!”

Jennie Howes, Assistant Headteacher, Moseley School

The information given by Helen and the visiting speakers she had arranged was all very useful and very relevant. I came away feeling enthused and inspired, but not overwhelmed. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole day. 

Becky Sharp, Teaching Assistant, New Oscott Primary School 

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Our team of highly knowledgeable experts are dedicated to offering school leaders and teachers the latest information regarding educational trends, research initiatives, and strategic thinking. By sharing our insights through a series of blogs, we ensure that those in education remain informed on all relevant matters.

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Our team of highly knowledgeable experts are dedicated to offering school leaders and teachers the latest information regarding educational trends, research initiatives, and strategic thinking. By sharing our insights through a series of blogs, we ensure that those in education remain informed on all relevant matters.

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