2020 has been a year that none of us will forget – and we continue to live in strange and challenging times with the ongoing impact of the Covid-19 Pandemic. In sharing ‘Strategy 2025 – Creating Tomorrow Today’, I am very aware of the need for a strategy to be agile and responsive to the demands of the external environment. Throughout the last few months, the team at Services For Education (SFE) have gone above and beyond to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers.

This document is a road-map for the next five years for SFE. As part of our annual Business Planning Process we will review and define the key priorities for the year ahead, in line with the strategic themes outlined in this document.

As you read through ‘Creating Tomorrow Today’ you will see that we are well positioned to have a significant influence both regionally and nationally. I am privileged to work alongside a committed, talented and enthusiastic group of professionals. I look forward to seeing our influence and impact continuing to grow across the sector, whilst always putting the customer at the centre of what we do.

Sharon Bell
Chief Executive

Our vision & mission >

SFE is a unique charity that uses the power of learning and of music to transform and enhance the lives of children, young people, adults, and our wider communities.

We bring learning and music to life.

Our work encompasses a broad range of settings, including:

  • Teaching pupils learning vocal and traditional instruments – to build technical and performance skills alongside confidence and creativity, and encourage pursuit of music-based careers
  • Teaching non-traditional instruments and/or musical styles – to raise the profile of these approaches and encourage the expansion and diversification of musical experiences
  • Specialist work with SEND/ disadvantaged groups – to increase engagement and attainment
  • Specialist work with Early Year settings – to promote a positive start to life and learning
  • Our Music School – to support lifelong learning and encourage the love of music amongst young people and adults
  • Working with the elderly – to promote wellbeing and positive mental health in later life
  • Bespoke consultancy, advice and professional development programmes – enabling school leaders, educators and governors to raise attainment levels, and develop and implement initiatives that improve health, wellbeing, standards and outcomes to ensure for all children and young people  realise their full potential academically, physically and emotionally
  • To enable schools, wider educational settings, and those organisations working with children and young people to develop safeguarding policy and practice that ensures the needs of all are recognised and met efficiently and effectively
  • Support, guidance, and development activities to those in the earliest stages of their teaching career in order to enable them to become highly skilled, leading edge practitioners.

Our values are extremely important to us as these underpin our vision and mission:


We exist to:

  1. foster a love of learning and the arts
  2. provide inspirational and innovative learning experiences that improve educational attainment and wellbeing, particularly for disadvantaged groups
  3. improve life opportunities for all through initiatives connecting healthy living, education, and lifelong learning

To achieve these objectives, it is essential that we operate and grow on a sound and sustainable financial basis.

‘Creating Tomorrow Today’ will build upon the strong foundations which have been developed in Services For Education since its incorporation in 2013 – prior to which the offer was part of Birmingham City Council.

Our ambitions are:

To revolutionise educational learning to maximise participation, through:

  • Principles/evidence led educational practices
  • Great teachers delivering great learning
  • Offering personalised, flexible learning where appropriate
  • Supporting the development of employability and skills
  • Leading edge services and resources

To be a key partner for raising standards and attainment in education in our city, region and nationally, through:

  • Being the distinctive leader in our sector
  • Providing agile and collaborative (resourceful, bespoke and/or individualised) solutions
  • Leading and stimulating debate on key issues facing the education sector
  • Encouraging widening of participation and development of a love of life-long learning for all ages
  • Developing a sustainable organisation for the long term that allows us to support and progress key initiatives

To make important contributions to our society and communities, particularly through our work with disadvantaged groups and young people, through:

  • Innovation and application of our expertise
  • Making a demonstrable impact
  • Positive alumni and stakeholder engagement

Our ambitions will be delivered through six organisation wide themes which all our colleagues can relate to in their work. They are intended to deliver a vibrant, resilient, and agile organisation fully equipped to deliver our vision and charitable purpose.


The strategic themes are supported by clear priorities which will inform work plans and objective setting at a departmental level.  Progress made against the strategic priorities is measured through appropriate performance indicators which will be reviewed and adjusted at least annually as part of the business planning process to ensure alignment between the two.

Our 5-year strategy sets out in detail the priorities for the near term (2020/21), with reducing granularity into the medium (years two and three) and longer term (years four and five). To respond to changing market forces, progress and performance will be kept under regular review. This review process will be a key component of the annual cycle through which our key success criteria and controlled amendments to future years, are approved by the Board of Trustees.

We are excited to have launched ‘Creating Tomorrow Today’ – our strategy through until 2025, and we look forward to working with our colleagues, customers, partners and wider stakeholders to deliver our strategic priorities.

We have deliberately crafted our Strategy in a way that allows us to be agile and respond to the needs of the priorities and sectors in which we work, via regular review of the priorities and underlying actions.

Underpinning this document is a detailed internal document detailing the work programmes which will deliver on our priorities. We will set Key Performance Indicators on an annual basis which will be an integral part of our Board reporting and performance management processes.

As you have read through this document you will have gathered that we are passionate about working in partnership – if you would like to discuss any part of our strategy or would like to explore working in collaboration with us then please do not hesitate to contact us. We would love to hear from you.

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