vetting and barring

Services For Education staff have undergone relevant checks concerning their right to work in the UK and their suitability to work in and with schools and education services. Any staff working in ‘regulated activity’ (i.e. working in schools or other circumstances with substantial opportunity for contact with children), this will include an enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service check in each case.
Working in educational settings:

As a third party working in your setting, we offer the following confirmation to enable you to fulfil your responsibility to maintain a single central record in accordance with KCSiE 2023:

    • All staff employed by Services For Education working in regulated activity have been recruited in accordance with the guidance issued by the Safer Recruitment Consortium and that contained within KCSiE 2023
    • We confirm identity checks have been carried out for all SFE employees
    • A standalone children’s barred list check has been completed for all SFE staff working in your setting
    • An enhanced DBS has been obtained by SFE for all our staff working in your setting
    • A prohibition check has been completed for all our staff working in your setting
    • An overseas check has been carried out for those who have worked outside the UK
    • Qualification checks
    • A right to work in the UK check

Services For Education can confirm all checks yielded satisfactory results and there are no concerns for any SFE staff working in your setting.

Services For Education employee details are held by us, there is no requirement for you to obtain copies of certificates or checks for you to fulfil your duty of maintaining a single central record.

All Services For Education staff carry an SFE ID badge. This badge has an SFE approved photograph and their DBS number. Therefore, schools and colleges are encouraged to check the ID badge to reassure themselves that the person presenting themselves for work is the same person on whom the checks have been made. SFE staff working in your setting will not be able to provide any additional information other than their ID badge and a letter issued by SFE confirming all checks have been completed. This letter provides sufficient information for you to be satisfied that SFE has acted with due diligence and in accordance with guidance contained within KCSiE 2023. Your school or college may wish to hold a copy of this letter for your records. In the event of any concerns that the person presenting themselves is not the SFE employee pertaining to the ID badge, schools and colleges should implement their own safeguarding procedures for this along with reporting the concern to SFE.

In addition, in line with Childcare (Disqualification) Regulations 2009 all employees of Services For Education have completed the Childcare Disqualification declaration form where relevant and appropriate to their role and function.
If you have any concerns about someone from Services For Education please contact the Chief Executive or relevant Head of Service.
Sharon Bell
Chief Executive
Tel: 0121 366 9950
Kirsty Jones
Head of School Support
Tel: 0121 366 9950
Stuart Birnie 
Head of the Music Service
Tel: 0121 366 9950

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