Services for Education are proud to announce that they are now able to deliver the Early Career Framework in partnership with Best Practice Network, one of the UK’s leading providers of training.

ECTs from both the primary and secondary sector and their Mentors can now access the ECF programme and Mentor programme with Services For Education, alongside registering with us as your ECT’s Appropriate Body on behalf of Birmingham City Council. You can find out more about registering with us here.

Our ECF programme provides the flexibility of face-to-face and online delivery ensuring that your early career teacher and mentor can balance the demands of the programme alongside their school commitments.

Click here to register your ECTs and Mentors with the Dfe

Supporting Early Career Teachers

The Early Career Development Programme has been developed by experienced school leaders and academics to ensure a high quality, supportive induction.

The creators of the programme have carefully considered the demands already placed on early career teachers and developed a programme that will not add to their workload.

Early career teachers are entitled to a funded 10% time away from classroom in their first year and 5% time away from classroom in their second year – the Early Career Development Programme has been designed to be completed entirely within this time off timetable.

Supporting Mentors

The mentor role is key to successful teacher induction and as such mentors will receive access to high quality support, training and ECF materials.

Funding will be provided to cover time-off timetable for Mentors who are being trained. This will total 36 hours over two years (10% time-off timetable in year 1 and 5% time-off timetable in year 2). It is up to the school to appoint a suitable mentor who should have the necessary skills and experience to successfully induct the early career teacher.

The ECF School Dashboard

The ECF School Dashboard is a user-friendly way for Headteachers and Induction Tutors to view all their ECT and ECM registration details, their status on the programme and, importantly, their programme schedules.

Keeping track of this information is fundamental in ensuring that your staff are making the most of their training. The ECF Dashboard enables schools to track who has registered for ECF and view their progress within the programme.

Decide which of the ECF delivery methods your school will use:

There are three different delivery methods for your school to choose from.

Use method 1 to choose Services For Education as your provider. 

Method 1: Full Induction ProgrammeLed by funded provider. Schools can choose to work with providers accredited by the Department for Education who will design and deliver a programme of face-to-face and online training to ECTs and their mentors. This programme is funded by the Department for Education.

Services For Education are now working in partnership with Best Practice Network to deliver the full Early Career Development Programme. 

Register ECTs and Mentors with Best Practice Network’s Full Induction Programme, delivered by Services For Education 

  • School Induction Tutors must register their ECTs and Mentors on the DfE Online Service (Best Practice Network then collect additional details directly from the ECTs and ECMs to enable allocation to their local training group)

Not yet registered with Best Practice Network?

  • If your school is registering a new ECT or is changing Lead Provider, the school will also need to register with Best Practice Network and choose Services For Education as your delivery provider here
  • If you are already registered with Best Practice Network but would like to switch delivery provider to Services For Education, please email

Method 2: Core Induction Programme – Schools deliver their own training using DfE accredited materials and resources.

Schools use freely available DfE accredited materials, which includes ready to use materials and resources for new teachers and mentors, to deliver their own ECT and mentor support. These materials have been accredited by the Department for Education and quality assured by the Education Endowment Foundation.

Method 3: School-based Induction Programme – Schools design and deliver their own two-year induction programme for ECTs based on the ECF.

Statutory guidance requires the Appropriate Body to quality assure schools choosing the ‘Core Induction Programme’ and the ‘School based Programme’ to a higher degree.

The DfE step-by-step guidance can be accessed here.

Services For Education are working in partnership with Best Practice Network to deliver the Early Career Development Programme for the Birmingham area. By choosing us you will benefit from:

  • An Online School Dashboard – manage your ECTs and mentors
  • Dedicated participant support team
  • Spiral curriculum building on prior expertise and knowledge
  • Sequenced Curriculum following on from ITT
  • Guidance and support for Induction Tutors

In partnership with the Best Practice Network, we will be guided by the following principles:

pink hand icon, holding two people


Across the network, personal relationships and collaboration are at the heart of what we do. We show care and support for our candidates, partners and colleagues, and we go the extra mile to get things done.

Icon of a pink head with some grey cogs in it.


We aim to change lives for the better by inspiring and developing colleagues working in education. As a team and a network, we inspire each other to grow personally and professionally.

Star icon with a cut out of a person icon with their hands up, in pink - services for education


We can be trusted and we do what we say we will. We are open and straightforward, tackling challenges head on rather than avoiding them. We treat each other with respect and dignity.

An icon of a pink rosette.


We have high expectations of ourselves and others. We invest and innovate to deliver the best learning, systems and outcomes. We keep things simple, use evidence and embrace change to achieve our best.

Services For Education is the Appropriate Body on behalf of Birmingham Local Authority.

Register your ECTs with Services For Education here.

Services For Education cannot accept any new registrations from September 2023.

Anyone who is currently registered will continue with us until August 2024.

Meet the team

Lucie WelchLucie Welch – Adviser, Services For Education

Lucie Welch taught in primary schools for over 13 years, holding the roles of Assistant Head of School, Designated Safeguarding Lead, Designated Teacher for Looked After Children, Attendance Lead as well as many subject lead roles.

Through the role of DSL, Lucie has garnered huge experience and knowledge of safeguarding which she is passionate about sharing with schools both across Birmingham and nationwide. With a strong understanding of policies and procedures, as well as safeguarding in schools at a day-to-day operational level, Lucie can provide bespoke consultancy and training on a host of safeguarding related topics.

Lucie also leads on PSHE and RSE and has a focused interest in children's emotional health and wellbeing, understanding how trauma and adverse childhood experiences can impact children, as well as educating staff and pupils on Sexual Violence, Sexual Harassment and Harmful Sexual Behaviour in schools.

Lucie is also a part of our Health for Life team and helps deliver the Early Career Framework on behalf of the Best Practice Network.

Marsha Blissett - Adviser, Former Services For Education

Marsha has over 18 years’ experience of teaching and senior leadership in schools within the West Midlands. She is passionate about the power of education to create knowledge, build confidence, and break down barriers to opportunity. She works with senior leaders, middle leaders, and governors to develop capacity and bring about rapid improvement through supporting them in effective self-evaluation, evaluating the impact of the curriculum and conducting quality assurance across the school.

Her particular areas of focus are Personal Development and Culture and Ethos, including Safeguarding.

Marsha works closely with SEND – the platinum thread, providing advice and guidance on the most effective ways to promote desirable outcomes. She helps to develop an understanding of best practices and processes, as well as appropriate tools and resources.

Simone WhitehouseDr Simone Whitehouse-James - Adviser, Services For Education

Simone qualified with a PGCE in Religious Education following a Bachelors degree in Theology. Simone went onto lead RE in two demographically differently schools in Birmingham before working for the city’s advisory service.

Simone works in two areas: Religious Education and Early Career Teachers. Working in Religious Education Simone engages with faith groups and advises the Standing Advisory Council for RE (SACRE) on RE and Collective Worship. She has worked with others to design lesson plans for the Faith Makes a Difference website to support schools to implement the Birmingham Agreed Syllabus. She has worked on drafting the new Agreed Syllabus.

Simone also works with primary and secondary teachers and school governors. Working on behalf of the City Council as the Appropriate Body for ECTs Simone works with senior leaders and tutors to support their ECTs through induction.

Simone has recently been awarded her PhD – demonstrating her love of learning and Religious Education!

the ect podcast

This podcast is primarily for those teachers serving their Early Career Framework (ECF) induction; their first two years of teaching. It provides a wide range of advice, good practice and tips. Although some of the podcasts refer to ‘NQTs’ rather than ‘ECTs’, the content is still relevant for Early Career Teachers even though the terminology has changed. Happy listening! 

For more podcasts, webinars and online courses covering a range of different topics please visit our Digital Resources page, here.

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