The SFE Sponsorship Package will provide businesses with immediate access to thousands of professional educators allowing you to build your brand, increase your sales and grow your profile.

We invite you to invest in our network to help with the support of your business growth, whilst securing the future and continuation of the Services For Education charitable projects, supporting children, young people and adults in communities across the West Midlands to build confidence through the power of learning and music (find out more).

Why Services For Education?

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2019 Award Winners  Excellence In Training and Education

At Services For Education we teach 31,000 young people in schools each week. We are also a go-to school support service in the West Midlands working with over 5000 professionals across 550 schools.

We train over 1,200 senior safeguarding staff each year, develop 536 Newly Qualified Teacher’s (NQT’s), over 1,600 delegates trained in assessment and moderation, we provide bespoke school improvement consultancy, shall we go on?

Do you struggle to reach these audiences, if so we can help with our sponsorship packages…

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