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The Services for Education SCITT are delighted to be offering several places for the Primary Assessment Only (AO) route for recommendation for the award of Qualified Teacher Status (QTS).

The assessment only route is intended for very experienced graduate teachers without QTS who can demonstrate meeting all the Teachers’ Standards without the need for further training. Candidates are accepted onto the assessment only route after an initial assessment to assess whether they are likely to be able to demonstrate that they are meeting all the Teachers’ Standards.

Teachers who have been trained in another country and have qualified teacher status in that country, may apply for assessment for QTS in the UK. To do so they must be employed in a UK school.

The Services for Education SCITT provides the Assessment Only Route for unqualified teachers working in mainstream Primary schools across our region, delivering a mainstream curriculum to full classes.

Our Assessment Only Route leads to recommendation for Qualified Teacher Status in Primary Education (5-11 ). Following completion of the route, the statutory NQT induction period is commenced.

It is expected that all candidates will have worked as an unqualified teacher for a minimum of two years (or full-time equivalent), having undertaken all the duties and responsibilities that would be expected of a teacher. This includes: the planning, delivery, leading of learning and assessment of pupils across the age and ability range. It is unlikely that cover supervisor or Teaching Assistant roles would enable a candidate to demonstrate all the Teachers’ Standards.

This route is completed in no longer than 3 calendar months from the registered start date. Where a candidate fails to meet a provider’s reasonable expectation of providing evidence for assessment within the 3-month period, or where assessment determines that the candidate does not fully meet the Teachers’ Standards, the candidate is deemed to have failed the route.


  • Initial fee £50
  • Interview Assessment Day £450
  • Final Assessment £2000


  • All candidates must have achieved a standard equivalent to a grade 4 or above in GCSE English and mathematics.
  • Those who intend to teach pupils aged 3 to 11 additionally must have achieved a standard equivalent to a grade 4 or above in a GCSE science subject.
  • All candidates must hold a first degree (i.e., a Bachelors degree) or equivalent qualification granted by a United Kingdom institution, or an equivalent degree or other qualification granted by a foreign institution (A first degree comprises 300 higher education credit points of which 60 must be at level 6 of the Qualifications and Credit Framework).
  • You may be able to sit an equivalency tests if you do not have a GCSE grade 4 or above in English, Maths or Science.
  • Original certificates are required to confirm qualifications at interview.
  • All candidates will require two years (minimum) experience of teaching as an unqualified teacher across the age range for assessment.
  • Assessment only criteria require candidates to have had experience of teaching in an alternative setting. This may be a condition of commencing the route (please see the ‘Two School Requirement‘).
  • There is no statutory requirement for primary applicants to have a degree in a national curriculum subject, as long as they meet all of the Teachers’ Standards, including those that relate to subject and curriculum knowledge.
  • All candidates for the route must have taught in at least two schools or settings. Candidates must be able to demonstrate sufficient breadth and variety of experience in schools, early years, or further education settings to enable them to meet all the Teachers’ Standards. This includes having:

– Taught children and young people from different backgrounds, across the ability range in their chosen age ranges.

– Gained experience of different approaches to teaching and learning and to school organisation and management.

– A second school experience may be a condition of entry to the route, for those who meet the criteria in all other respects but do not have evidence from two schools. Services for Education will advise schools to support meeting this requirement.

An application assessment will check that candidates meet the requirements outlined by the Department for Education for consideration for the Assessment Only route to QTS. Candidates must be able to demonstrate that they have:

  • Achieved a GCSE grade 4 or above in English, mathematics (and a science subject for Primary) or equivalent.
  • Achieved a UK Honours degree or equivalent.
  • Taught as an unqualified teacher for a minimum of two years.
  • Taught across the age and full ability range for assessment.
  • Evidence of teaching in two schools or settings across the age range for assessment
  • Satisfactory Disclosure and Barring Service, and Prohibition Order checks in place.
  • The health and physical capacity to teach.

Following a successful application assessment and background checks, candidates will take part in an initial assessment day at school. This will include:

  • An interview.
  • Assessment of portfolio of evidence against the Teachers’ Standards.
  • An audit to assure candidates’ ability in fundamental Maths and English.
  • Two lesson observations across the age and ability range for assessment.

Following a successful initial assessment day, candidates will be registered for the route with a view to completion within a 12-week period.

A final assessment day will take place to enable Services for Education to verify that candidates are continuing to meet the Teachers’ Standards, and that a subsequent recommendation for the award is secure.

Evidence for assessment purposes will come from: Initial application forms, references, portfolios, teaching observations, interviews with the candidate and staff at school.

Candidates will be required to present evidence against all the Teachers’ Standards from their teaching experience. Folders of evidence should be presented, and further evidence will be assessed through interviews, observations, and discussions.

Applications can be made at any point during the academic year. However, candidates must have full support of their employing school. The start date is also flexible; you can start the programme at any point throughout the academic year and it is possible to complete it within the academic year.

Stage 1:

Application Consideration

The application will be assessed for suitability for entry on to the AO route.  If you are successful, you will be interviewed by an SFE tutor in the employing school.

To request an application form please email Tricia Bunn.

Stage 2:

The Interview 

Part of the interview process will involve identifying your suitability on the AO route. Candidate will need to prepare an initial portfolio of evidence for initial assessment.

Stage 3:

Meeting the offer conditions

The following conditions MUST be met prior to final acceptance on to the route. You MUST:

  • have undertaken a second school experience if required.
  • have met any other conditions specific to the individual and determined by the initial application Stage 2 and Interview Stage 3.

Stage 4:

The programme

The individual guidance will indicate the length of the programme and will be based on your initial application, teaching experience, evidence of standards already met, and the interview day. The length of the programme is a maximum of 12 working weeks.

Stage 5:

Final Assessment

The purpose of the Final Assessment visit is to verify the judgment of the employing school by making an independent judgment as to whether you have met all the standards for the award of Qualified Teacher Status.

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The partnership ensures that trainees are superbly prepared for their careers in teaching. Employing headteachers recognise the strong knowledge, understanding and skills that NQTs bring to their schools. They describe NQTs as being good ‘team players’ with a strong willingness to ask for and act upon advice.


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