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SFE SCITT Closure Announcement

At Services For Education, we pride ourselves on working with thousands of teachers every year across the city of Birmingham and beyond. Through school improvement, subject specific training and the facilitation of courses – we remain at the forefront of teacher professional development.

But as well as working with Early Career teachers (ECTs) and many experienced teachers, we have also supported and worked alongside those training to join the profession, those ready to undertake the best job in the world.

Through partnerships with incredible schools and the dedication of our Education Advisers, we have been able to train upwards of 100 primary – many of whom are still teaching and even leading in education across the West Midlands and the UK as a whole.

So it is with sadness that Services For Education have decided to cease offering our Teacher Training programme. We feel privileged to have worked with so many incredible teachers and amazing schools and are so proud of the achievements of all of our trainees, but circumstances have made it more difficult to recruit trainees and we feel that we are better focused on working with those who are already teachers and schools leaders to improve the lives of children that way.

The SCITT programme will be sincerely missed by our School Support team and the partner schools we work with, but onwards and upwards as they say! We will continue to facilitate the Early Careers Framework (ECF) alongside Best Practice Network, as well as offering a host of NPQs, courses, networks, bespoke training and audits – so you’ll still be able to access our vast range of services in one way or another.

We look forward to working with you again in the future.

Lucie Welch

Education Adviser – School Support Team

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