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11 Activities To Do With Children In Birmingham, This Easter

I don’t know about you… but Easter has crept up pretty quickly on me this year!

And although I won’t be taking an extended break, it is nice to have a four day weekend, filled with sun (hopefully), to look forward to.

But what to do with my time..?

This week I’ve been doing a little bit of research about the best places to go with kids in Birmingham this Easter. Here’s what I found…

1. Cannon Hill Park

The weather is supposedly looking up, so a trip to Cannon Hill Park is a nice, affordable idea.

Pack up a picnic or visit the MAC for lunch, where there’s always something good going on, and let the kids enjoy the good weather and the great outdoors.

There is also a little, underrated nature centre which hosts a range of animals, from red pandas and wallabies to monkeys and lemurs. Tickets to enter the nature centre cost £6.75 per adult, £3.50 per child or you can get a family ticket for £21.75.

Find out more and check out the map of Cannon Hill, here.

2. Sutton Park

Sutton Park is so huge and so filled with things to do that it’s actually quite difficult to know where the best place to start, but if the weather really does turn for the better, it will probably become a number one hotspot for the Easter break. You can:

Or simply enjoy the park for what it is and have a kick about, picnic or visit one of the many playgrounds within.

There is even a Miller and Carter and a Toby Carvery if you start to feel peckish.

3. Hatton Country World

We visited this ourselves over the weekend and I must say it’s absolutely packed full of things for kids to do at the moment.

You can feed the many lambs, goats, donkeys and pigs. You can hold the chicks, ducklings, guinea pigs and snakes (not at the same time…)

There is an outdoor and an indoor play area which has a couple of very high slides, open to children and parents if that’s what you’re interested in!

Plus, they’ve put on a little Easter Bunny hunt. Follow the grounds around and find all of the bunnies. Write down their favourite colours and get a your children get a prize at the end.

Entry costs £15.95 per person on the door (same for children and adults) but if you book online, you can currently get a small discount.

This is a great day out for parents and children alike. Find out more here.

4. West Midland Safari Park Easter Eggstravaganza

Running from 13th – 28th April, WMSP have arranged a whole host of Easter activities to keep children entertained, including a giant Easter Egg trail around the park.

Children will earn a chocolatey treat if they succeed.

Prices vary from £19.20 per adult and £15.20 per child to £24.00 per adult and £19.00 per child, so it’s definitely worth comparing when you go to book.

5. Cadbury Easter Egg Hunt

The Cadbury bunny has been hiding her eggs across 260 locations in the UK, this April.

Tracking them down should keep children fairly busy!

There are a few chosen National Trust locations across Warwickshire, Worcestershire and Staffordshire if you’re happy to drive out to them.

Check them out here and get your detective’s hat on.

6. Ice Age at Birmingham Botanical Gardens

Slightly off the “Easter” Theme, but still sounding fabulous is Ice Age: The Lost Kingdom, an outdoor “animatronic” event which features animated installations of ice age animals, including the Woolly Mammoth, Sabre Toothed Tiger and Giant Sloth.

Hosted by the Botanical Gardens, the event is running from 6th to 28th April this year.

A family ticket comes to £46.20, so a bit pricier than some of the alternatives.

7. Akamba Tropic

Akamba in Shirley triples up as an Afro-Caribbean restaurant, Heritage Centre and Tropical House where you can go on an African Bird Walk and visit the Reptile House.

It’s great fun and only costs £4 per person to have a look around, according to the website.

The food is also really good (the cocktails too if that’s your thing).

Find out more here.

8. Hippodrome Holiday Workshops

The Hippodrome has a lot planned this Easter, from Yoga and Dance classes to Protest Flag Making (sounds interesting) and Giant Lego workshops.

And all of the activities are free. You just drop in, no need to book.

Find out more here.

9. Touchwood Chocolate Escape Room

Touchwood in Solihull is launching a chocolatey escape room from 13th to 28th April and it’s completely free. You just turn up, book a slot and face the challenge that day.

Tasks are based on “immersive chocolate-themed puzzles” that must be completed in under 20 minutes, so quite a short-lived experience, but there is plenty to do in Solihull afterwards.

10. Science Activities

If you’re interested in doing something a little more educational this Easter break, there are a huge range of science attractions in and around the City.

I won’t go into detail here, but have a read of our recent blog post here: 7 Fun Science Activities To Do With Kids In Birmingham

From dinosaurs to rockets, there’s something for everyone.

11. Do It Yourself

Most of our ideas have some sort of cost to them (some more than others). But if you’re looking for something a little more affordable and DIY, you could always:

  • Set up an Easter Egg Hunt.
  • Put on an Egg-and-Spoon race tournament.
  • Paint / draw faces on boiled eggs.
  • Bake rice crispy cakes.
  • Create Easter bonnets.

Sometimes it’s the simple things that are the most fun.


I do hope you manage to get a bit of time off work this Easter and that you find some inspiration from my list of things to do in Birmingham. I love the city because there really is so much to do.

Check out our new Parent Page. We’ve just created a page on our website just for parents. Here, we will share advice, information and resources about things like learning, safeguarding, mental health and music. We will continue to add to this resource so that it is up to date and filled with information for you. Find out more here.

Happy Easter

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