My First Awards Ceremony – The Annual Music and Drama Education Awards

Five months into role and I am still reminded daily of the passion of our colleagues across all areas of the organisation. Last week there was an opportunity to celebrate our expertise on a national platform. The annual Music and Drama Education Awards celebrate the very best in music and drama from across the UK and following a judging process, shortlisted organisations are invited to their annual awards ceremony in London. 

With at least four categories we could have entered, this year we decided to profile our work within the SEND arena (Special Educational Needs and Disability). Specifically, we showcased our Inspiring Sounds Project.  A 30-week project, working with 6 special schools across the City engaged 120 children in music. For many of these children with the most complex needs, music may be the only way they can communicate. Many special school students have an innate flair for music – and it was great that our specially trained team were able to create an environment that supported and championed this.  

As is always the way, behind our talented colleagues working with the children in the schools, is a committed support structure – so we were all thrilled to be able to celebrate being recognised as a finalist for demonstrating Excellence in SEND. Sadly, this year we were not the winning entry but nevertheless we were proud to have our excellence in this area recognised. We were also delighted to be able to celebrate the success of our Hub Partners and friends, ‘MAC Makes Music’ as they took home the award for Outstanding Musical Initiative. 

Being new to the world of music education, it was lovely to spend the evening celebrating the work of so many creative and talented individuals – and we look forward to being at the awards again this time next year. Meanwhile, we are cheering on our marketing colleagues who have been shortlisted for the Excellence in Sales and Marketing Award at the annual ceremony hosted by the Greater Birmingham Chambers of Commerce. Watch this space later in the month! 

  (; twitter: @sharonbellSFE)


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