SATs 2024 Good Luck

SATs – A poem for the Year 6 Children Preparing to take the tests ❤️

With SATs week fast approaching, Safeguarding Adviser Lucie Welch has written a poem for the Year 6 children preparing the take the tests…


So Year 6, the time has finally come,

The dreaded SATs are here,

But this is what you’ve worked for,

Since you moved up in to this year.


These tests will tell us what you’ve learned,

And what you can recall,

But there’s a million things,

The SATs won’t tell us at all.


They won’t tell us how you dance,

Or draw, or sing, or run,

Or tell us just how great you are,

At any other things you’ve done.


The SATs don’t measure super-ness,

Or how kind or brave you are,

They’re just a way of helping to see,

All you’ve learned so far.


So all we ask of each of you,

Is to try the best you can,

But no matter the score you’ll get,

We’ll always be your fan!


You’ve worked your socks off this year through,

And now the time has come 

By this time next week, you can say,

Phew, the SATs are done.


So rest up, eat lots and get some sleep,

So you’re ready and raring to go,

To show those SATs test who’s the boss,

And show them what you know!


But remember that when they’re over,

It doesn’t matter how you’ve done,

Because you are wonderful, brilliant and fab,

And you’ll be amazing in your lives to come!


Believe in yourself. You are all amazing!

Good luck from everyone at Services For Education 🩷

Lucie WelchLucie Welch – Adviser, Services For Education

Lucie Welch has worked in the field of Primary Education for the last 15 years, holding the positions of Assistant Head of School, Designated Safeguarding Lead, Attendance Lead and Designated Teacher for Looked After Children. Through working across several local authorities and within multi-academy trusts, Lucie has garnered a passion for safeguarding and supporting children and young people to enable them to thrive.

At Services For Education, Lucie is an integral part of the Safeguarding team, sharing her expertise with schools, colleges, trusts, and other educational settings across the city of Birmingham and beyond. Dedicated to improving safeguarding practices in an actionable and impactful way, Lucie works closely with settings to provide bespoke training, supports with reflection on their own practices during Safeguarding audits and always strives to contribute to a better learning environment for all children. Through delivery of statutory training for DSLs and Safer Recruitment, Lucie works with colleagues in all age ranges and is a source of expertise within these areas.

Lucie also wears other important hats within the School Support Team. Not only is she dedicated to ensuring the safety and well-being of students through her role in safeguarding, but she also plays a key part in the PSHE/RSE and Health for Life teams. Additionally, Lucie partners with the Best Practice Network to deliver the Early Career Framework, supporting new teachers in their professional development.

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SATs – A poem for the Year 6 Children Preparing to take the tests ❤️

With SATs week fast approaching, Safeguarding Adviser Lucie Welch has written a poem for the...

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