Exciting Opportunity: Smart Schools Study – Recruiting Secondary Schools

At Services For Education, we work with schools to promote healthy lifestyles, as well as, the emotional and physical health of pupils, staff and the wider community.

Kirsty Jones, Head of School Support, has recently become involved in an interesting study being conducted by University of Birmingham:

SMART Schools: Smartphones, social Media and Adolescent mental wellbeing: the impact of school policies Restricting dayTime use

University of Birmingham are looking for Secondary Schools in the West Midlands (Local Authority-maintained schools, academies and free and private schools) to take part in the study that is set to take place from April 2022 to July 2024.

This study is being funded by National Institute for Health and Care Research (NIHR) (UK).

The SMART Schools Study

The SMART Schools study aims to evaluate the types of school policies and phone/social media use that are optimal for adolescent mental wellbeing.

This study will take place in 30 secondary schools, with year 8 and year 10 pupils.

Researchers will compare pupil mental wellbeing in schools that restrict phone use, with schools that permit phone use (e.g. allow phones to be used at breaks and lunchtimes).

Researchers will also measure behaviours associated with mental wellbeing, such as, physical activity, sleep, attainment and classroom behaviour.

Participating schools will receive £600 for taking part, and a summary of findings specific to their school.

  • Each pupil will receive a £5 voucher for taking part
  • The study will involve pupil, teacher and SLT online surveys
  • Pupils will wear an activity monitor watch for 7 days

If your school is interested in taking part please contact: smartstudy@contacts.bham.ac.uk or to find out more, visit our website: birmingham.ac.uk/smart-schools




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