Tributes To Charles Elvin – Former CEO At Services For Education – From Colleagues

Tributes have been made following the death of Charles Elvin, former CEO of Services For Education, on 2 February 2022 after a long illness.

Charles took over as CEO following the retirement of our founding CEO, David Perkins, in 2016. Charles led the organisation at pace through a period of significant change, moving SFE to a more secure position and putting down the foundations we needed to build a stronger future, before moving on to a new challenge with the Independent School’s Inspectorate in late 2017.

Sarah Smith, Chair of Trustees for Services For Education:
“It was with great sadness I received the news of Charles’ death. Charles took over from our founding CEO and led our charity into the next stage of its development, following on from the groundwork done by David Perkins.

Charles brought considerable business acumen and experience to us as the Board of Trustees and shaped us into a leaner, financially viable organisation for the next stage of our work. Charles developed both our existing leaders and introduced new leaders to us, and helped us work through the next stage of our growth.

We know how committed Charles was to his wife and his children, and we remember them all at this very sad time.”

Sharon Bell, current CEO:
“Whilst I never had the privilege of meeting Charles, his legacy at SFE is an important one, and I am grateful to him for his hard work and dedication in developing the foundations for the organisation which I am fortunate enough to lead today. The decisions he took, building on the work of his predecessor David Perkins were pivotal in our history and will never be forgotten.

My thoughts are with his family at this very sad time.”

Carl Black, Finance Manager:
“I was fortunate to work closely with Charles in the time he was at Services For Education. He joined at a pivotal time when critical decisions needed to be made. He was able to make these decisions thanks to his leadership, professionalism and bravery.

Charles was approachable with a very dry sense of humour. I thoroughly enjoyed working with him. On a personal note, he was very supportive of me as I entered a difficult period of my life which showed a caring side of his nature. I will be eternally grateful for the support he offered. Sending sincere condolences to Charles’ family and friends.”

Lindsay Allen, HR Director:
“When I first spoke to Charles’ in early 2017 about potentially joining SFE I was struck by his passion for moving the business forward, ensuring it was able to face and overcome its challenges, and secure a sustainable long term future.

Charles brought energy and drive for improvement to SFE together with deep business insight at a difficult time. Although he led the business for a relatively short while, his actions laid foundations that we have continued to build on since and it was a pleasure to have worked with him. My thoughts are with his family and friends at this sad time.”

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