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Create a Safe, Productive Learning Environment For You And Your Pupils

Do you want to create an environment where the mental health of pupils and staff is supported effectively?

Providing opportunities for staff members to develop their understanding of children’s mental and emotional health, accessing strategies to support children and approaching behaviour management by taking account of children’s emotional needs are being acknowledged as critical factors by an increasing number of schools.

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Mental Health and Wellbeing

Dealing with Loss and Bereavement

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At Services For Education we also provide bespoke mental health and wellbeing consultancy and training for schools. If you would like to find out more please email us at hello@servicesforeducation.co.uk

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why is this topic important?

Studies have shown that learning, socialisation skills, higher level thinking, problem solving, organising and planning are more likely to occur in the brain of the emotionally secure child who feels safe in their classroom.

Crucially, these courses will enable you to:

  • Create an environment in which your pupils can feel safer and more secure and therefore have more opportunity to flourish under your care
  • Identify and support the children in your class who may be surviving, rather than thriving for a variety of different reasons. We will discuss and examine specific examples that you might face day-to-day
  • Create an environment where all children, whether thriving or surviving can feel secure and safe, no matter what external issues they may be facing

These courses are about helping your children to feel safe, but you will gain valuable transferable skills and a fantastic personal development opportunity.


Liz taught for over 25 years before becoming an education advisor specialising in Mental and Emotional Health and Wellbeing.

She has successfully supported many schools in their approach to both pupil and staff wellbeing, providing training and consultancy around emotionally safe classrooms, secure bases for pupils and staff, attachment and trauma, mental health and mental illness, Protective Behaviours, and other issues relating to wellbeing.

Much of Liz’s work is bespoke, creating support packages through dialogue with individual schools. Liz has written 3 books and teaching resource packs for schools and other organisations that work with children.

These have been extremely well received and are used nationally, helping children explore the internal world of their feelings and thoughts, manage anxiety and self-calm. Liz regularly runs workshops and speaks at conferences around the country. Liz also works as a wellbeing advisor for Optimus and a trainer for the Anna Freud Centre in London.

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CPD Certified

Mental Health and Wellbeing

Dealing with Loss and Bereavement

CPD Certified

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