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At Services For Education, we believe that music is a really important and enjoyable activity that many looked-after children do not get the opportunity to experience.

So, working closely with Birmingham Virtual School, the umbrella body that oversees education of children in care in Birmingham, our Music Cares Project provides a variety of music-making opportunities for children in the care system across the city.

Together, we aim to provide each child with weekly music sessions, ensemble and performance opportunities and free instrument loans.

However, this is just the beginning. We want to expand this project to reach as many young people within the care system as possible.

We hold the Music Cares Project very close to our hearts because we get to see the real benefits it has on looked-after children, first-hand.

Creative music-making helps to knock down barriers that children face, as well as empowering them to transform their own lives, exceed in other subjects and achieve their full potential.

Additionally, the project provides a rare opportunity for children in care to engage with adults through a positive activity, which is not linked specifically to their care status.

These types of interactions help children build and develop healthy relationships with other people; an essential skill for when they begin to leave the care system, post 16.

The Music Cares Project provides a wide range of different activities and support services for children in care. Here are some of the great ways we support children in Birmingham:

  • Weekly Music Sessions.
    These are all with professional music educators, specially trained to work with vulnerable young people.
  • Free Instruments.
    We offer free instrument loans for children to take home, learn on, practice on and perform on, for the duration of their learning.
  • Performance opportunities.
    Children will share, celebrate achievements and feel the rewards of their hard work, showing off all that they have learnt to friends and the public.

We would love to guarantee this vital work continues into the future and your support, however big or small, when combined with the generosity of others can collectively make a significant difference for the children in care across our city.

To support our Music Cares Project, you can donate to our Annual Fund which distributes donations across all of the music service projects, including Music Cares.

Or you can get in touch with us via email at or by telephone on 0121 366 9950.

He will talk you through your options if you’re interested in supporting Music Cares specifically.

Thank you.

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