Services For Education Scoop Top Award

A local charity that supports young people and adults through music and education has scooped a top award.

Services For Education has been recognised for its ‘Excellence in Training and Education’ at the annual Greater Birmingham Chamber of Commerce awards, which celebrated its unique community initiatives and learning and development programmes.

The Birmingham-based charity currently works with more than 350 schools within the city offering 28,000 musical instruments for free. It also provides professional training and development to newly-qualified teachers and head teachers, whilst supporting more than 570 schools with issues such as safeguarding.

It has recently expanded its offering to early years and the elderly, as well as those with mental health concerns, through initiatives such as dementia choirs and Services For Education’s two Music Schools.

Martyn Collin, CEO at Services For Education, said: “We are absolutely delighted to have received this award, which recognises the teams’ dedication and commitment to making a difference to the lives of everyone in Birmingham.

“We value the opportunity to work directly with schools and families as well as wider communities, be it through a choir, training new teachers or learning to play an instrument – we consistently see the positive impact of our efforts and we hope this award helps us continue our work.”

Services For Education is an education and training charity based in Birmingham.

Established in 2012, Services For Education is part-funded by the Arts Council, England, and comprises the Music Service and the School Support Service.

Services For Education’s Music Service, which is one of the largest in the country, works across 384 of the city’s schools, teaching music to approximately 38,000 children. It also provides 28,000 musical instruments free-of-charge.

The School Support Service provides expert and professional training and development to teaching and support staff in some 570 schools in Birmingham and the West Midlands.

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