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How to Talk to Children Whose Behavioural Signs Cause Us Concern?

“What’s happening to you?” not “What’s wrong with you?”: Discover...

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Supporting Children with a Parent in Prison

The National Information Centre of Children of Offenders (NICCO) estimate...

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Parental Separation and Divorce – How Can We Best Support Children at the Centre?

Safeguarding Adviser Lucie Welch discusses the impact parental separation and...

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Safeguarding Issues in the News – Downplaying Abuse and Neglect

Downplaying Abuse and Neglect – If we call lots of...

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Tricky Safeguarding Topics and How to Tackle Them

Even as a DSL, it’s ok to admit that there...

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Working Together to Safeguard Children 2023 – what might it mean for us?

SFE Safeguarding Adviser, Jo Perrin, discusses the main updates to...

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Addressing the Silent Crisis: Children Missing in Education

SFE Adviser, Lucie Welch, discusses children missing in education and...

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Emotional Abuse – Supporting Victims and Spotting the Signs

Safeguarding Adviser, Lucie Welch, discusses the signs of emotional abuse,...

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Forced Marriage: Spotting The Signs

Safeguarding Adviser, Jo Perrin, discusses the changes in law regarding...

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eCrime: How Teachers Can Combat Cyberbullying

With the rise of cyberbullying, we explore its definition and...

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Updates to Ofsted’s School Inspection Handbook

Safeguarding Adviser, Jo Perrin, Provides an Overview of the Key...

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Supporting Children Experiencing Bereavement

SFE Safeguarding Adviser and Emotional Health Expert, Lucie Welch, shares...

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How to Make this Your Best Year for Safeguarding Yet

Safeguarding adviser, Lucie Welch, discusses how to hit the ground...

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Supporting Children Who Have Experienced Domestic Abuse

SFE Safeguarding Adviser, Lucie Welch, discusses domestic abuse, its effects...

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Poverty or Neglect? Understanding The Signs

SFE Safeguarding Education Adviser, Lucie Welch, has created a free...

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Keeping Children Safe in Education 2023 Updates

You’re likely aware that The Department For Education has recently...

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Succession Planning in Safeguarding – is it possible?

Safeguarding expert, Jo Perrin, discusses Succession Planning and how to...

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Homophobia, Biphobia, Transphobia – are we as “anti” as we would like to be?

In this blog, Jo Perrin delves into Homophobia, Biphobia and...

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Top 10 Tips for Teacher Stress

It’s no secret that stress and anxiety amongst teachers in...

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Academic Stress and How Schools Can Support Pupils

SFE Adviser Marsha Blissett discusses academic stress and how school...

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