Ofsted Inspection Handbook Updates 2023

Updates to Ofsted’s School Inspection Handbook

Safeguarding Adviser, Jo Perrin, Provides an Overview of the Key Changes to the School Inspections Handbook, in the Context of Safeguarding

You may be aware that Ofsted have recently announced new changes to the School Inspections Handbook, detailing a number of updates.

Although the changes are minor, we’ve compiled a list of the updates and key changes for your setting to be aware of, from a safeguarding perspective.

Safeguarding Updates September 2023 

In September 2023 the school inspection handbook made changes to reflect the changes they have made in how they inspect safeguarding.  


  • Updated the monitoring policy to include early monitoring inspections and added new paragraphs on monitoring programmes for inadequate schools. 
  • They added a new section on monitoring programmes for schools judged inadequate solely due to ineffective safeguarding (early monitoring inspections). 
  • Added new paragraphs on deeming of monitoring inspections that are inadequate with serious weakness due to ineffective safeguarding and they stated that final feedback meeting for inadequate schools with serious weakness solely due to ineffective safeguarding. 

Safeguarding Updates October 2023

Building on from September’s updates, in October 2023 the school inspection handbook provided more detail on what evidence inspectors will ask schools to provide in relation to safeguarding, to prevent unnecessary workload for schools, they clarified that: 

  • Inspectors will want schools to provide details about adults living on school sites. 
  • They clarified that inspectors will look at attendance when carrying out ungraded inspections of schools. 
  • Minor changes to take account of the new Department for Education’s exclusions and suspensions guidance.  

All of these updates relate to safeguarding in its widest sense. 

Read more about the key changes and access the School Inspections Handbook here.

If Safeguarding is important to you and your school, you can keep up with the latest news and advice via our SFE Safeguarding Newsletter. 


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About the Adviser

Jo PerrinJo Perrin - Adviser, Services For Education

Jo Perrin is a seasoned Education Adviser with a strong background in safeguarding. She has held key roles as a Designated Safeguarding Lead and pastoral lead in the education sector. Facilitating training to enhance the knowledge and skills of professionals working directly with children and young people is her passion.

With a wealth of experience in teaching PSHE and expertise in childhood trauma from her time as a foster carer, Jo is dedicated to supporting organisations that work with children and vulnerable adults on safeguarding issues. She is actively involved in professional safeguarding groups in the West Midlands and is currently collaborating on a research project with colleagues from the University of Birmingham and the NHS focusing on FGM awareness within communities. Jo’s has worked as a West Midlands' Adviser for national PSHE resources, presented at the Sex Education Forum National Members' Event and authored an advertorial for PSM magazine and an article for SEND magazine.

Jo's expertise extends to training on topics such as Safer Recruitment and Mental Health at Work. She is also a facilitator for the nationally recognised NPQSL qualification, supporting senior leaders in education. Her contributions to publications and development of resources for RSE provision have been well-received by schools nationally and internationally.

With her extensive experience and dedication to professional development, Jo Perrin is a highly respected figure in the field of education. Her guidance on safeguarding, mental health awareness, personal development, and relationships education is highly valued within the industry.

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