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Update on the review of the Birmingham Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education

The syllabus needs to be agreed by nominated volunteers through the body known as an Agreed Syllabus Conference. Allowing for the agreement of the syllabus, subsequent adoption by the City Council, the need for resources to be updated along with website development and training for teachers, we are now planning for the syllabus to be taught from September 2022. In the intervening time we would ask :

  • local authority schools to continue with teaching the current Agreed Syllabus (2007). The resources remain available at This website will shortly be updated as the old IT structure can no longer wait for the introduction of the new syllabus. The new website structure will look different even though it will carry the 2007 resources initially.
  • academies and free schools to continue to consider using the current Agreed Syllabus (2007) and the resources available as outlined above. These resources effectively document religious life in Birmingham through films and a range of teacher and pupil materials and may be of use to those following another syllabus.

In the meantime, if you have any questions please contact

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Curriculum Area Training

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