Whether you are a Teaching School Hub (TSH) who has recently taken on the ECT Appropriate Body (AB) role or a TSH who requires expertise, support, and extra capacity for your Appropriate Body services, we are here to help.

Services For Education has been the AB for Birmingham LA for over a decade, managing up to 900 ECTs each year. We are delighted to offer our support and expertise to new and existing ABs as a traded offer.

Our ECT Appropriate Body services cover:

  • West Midlands
  • Staffordshire
  • Shrewsbury
  • Telford and The Wrekin
  • Derbyshire
  • Cheshire

However, if you are a Teaching School Hub with schools further afield, please get in touch for a conversation.

What is SFE’s ECT Appropriate Body Traded Offer?

We are delighted to offer a PAYU (Pay As You Use) model to support and guide all aspects of the Appropriate Body role.

At Services For Education, we pride ourselves on the excellent provisions we have provided for NQTs/ECTs and schools for over a decade. You can be reassured that our team have the knowledge and expertise to provide first-class Appropriate Body guidance and support with your AB role.

Here are just some of the ways we can help:

New to the Appropriate Body role or concerned about your existing capacity to manage an increased case load?

We can manage your day-to-day ECT enquiries, from support with registration, assessments and Progress Reviews, to the broad and varied queries from ECTs, mentors, tutors and headteachers. These could be as simple as providing clarification of an individual ECT’s induction dates due to part-time work, maternity leave or absence for example.

For us, no query is too small. We welcome both the challenging questions and the mundane.

Our team can complete fidelity checks and undertake all the necessary liaison with, and reporting to, the TRA. We are also able to undertake historic case queries in some circumstances, as these may be some of the most difficult and high-risk queries that a new Appropriate Body may be faced with.

Using our extensive expertise, we read, approve and moderate provision through every assessment or progress review that is submitted. These provide an essential check-in to monitor not only the progress of each ECT but also ensure that they are receiving their statutory entitlements. We can use them as a conduit to question or challenge schools or offer support with an ECT where we feel it is necessary.

Not sure where to start with challenging cases?

Tricky and delicate conversations with schools and ECTs experiencing difficulties is an area in which we specialise. With decades of experience supporting and guiding these cases with sensitivity, rigour and challenge, we have a long-standing history of building good relationships with schools, whilst holding them and their ECTs to account. We also have a reputation for being fair, professional, friendly, and highly efficient.

At the heart of everything we do, we always stick to our mantra, ‘Would we want this experience for our own child?’ Whether that is the experience that pupils are receiving with an ECT or the experience that the ECT is receiving from the school.

Sometimes these difficult situations require visits to the school to both challenge and quality assure the processes and statutory expectations. In these situations, we observe teaching and meet with headteachers,  senior leaders, tutors, mentors, ECTs and also union representatives where the problem has been escalated. We liaise regularly with the main teaching unions and are keen to promote collaborative working with the aim being the best outcomes for ECTs, schools and pupils.

Is your Appropriate Body wanting reassurance that it is delivering on your statutory duty to ECTS?

Through regular interaction with schools, we make sure that all statutory entitlements are being met, ECTs are behaving and progressing in a manner befitting the Teachers’ Standards, and we have full knowledge of the case if an extension is requested, or indeed a reduction to induction time. This ensures that we are able to approve them where circumstances are justified and confirmed, usually with a visit to the school.

What are the Benefits of SFE’s Traded ECT Appropriate Body Offer?

With over a decade of highly successful practice as the largest Local Authority Appropriate Body in the UK, plus over 50 years of experience within the team of both teaching and leading in schools means that we have the strategic thinking and pragmatic, ‘real’ view of what it takes to be a teacher.

We can apply this wealth of knowledge and experience to ensure that schools and ECTs are meeting both the Statutory Requirements of Induction and the Teachers’ Standards.

Working with integrity and robust processes that we have developed, we can offer your organisation a high-quality ECT Appropriate Body service, without the need for unnecessary FTE salaries. Our PAYU model is a cost-effective solution for Teaching School Hubs whilst at a stage of not knowing how many ECTs and mentors you will have registered with you each year.

We employ a flexible approach of face-to-face and virtual meetings as appropriate and have positive relationships already established with schools in Birmingham, Solihull, Staffordshire, Walsall, Dudley and Cheshire. We look forward to expanding this reach. If you are a Teaching School Hub with schools further afield, please get in touch for a conversation.

We also have a wealth of training, resources and conferences for ECTs and tutors to ensure that the statutory processes of induction are understood and that ECTs can be supported through induction. All of these services can be personalised to your Teaching School Hub and geographical area.

Why Do Teaching School Hubs Choose SFE for Appropriate Body Teacher Services?

As induction managers of the largest LA Appropriate Body in the UK, registering and managing up to 900 NQTs/ECTs per year, there are very few questions we haven’t already been asked and difficult conversations we haven’t had to navigate.

We take a supportive approach in challenging our schools and ECTs with integrity, rigour and outcomes for pupils at heart.

Our extensive experience in handling a vast range of ECT situations means that we have given guidance, answers and support in extremely unusual and complex cases. The highly skilled, sensitive and sensible management of which has been greatly respected by school leaders.

We are not only highly regarded for the sound and productive relationships with schools that we have maintained for over a decade, but also have established relationships and named contacts within the TRA and professional associations appropriate to teaching (NASUWT, NEU, Voice).

Our ECT induction experience has delivered efficient management of TRA, ECT or school enquiries involving historic cases where we have been the final decision-makers in this process. We are proud to collaborate with all ECF providers and are a delivery partner for BPN (Best Practice Network) for both their ECF and NPQ programmes.

For more information about our expertise and ECT Appropriate Body services, contact us today.

Meet the Team

Simone WhitehouseDr Simone Whitehouse-James - Adviser, Services For Education

Simone's journey in the field of education is nothing short of remarkable. Armed with a deep passion for Religious Education, she has not only excelled in her own academic pursuits but has also dedicated herself to the betterment of the education system.

From her early days as a Head of Department leading RE in schools in Birmingham to her current role as an Education Advisor at Services For Education, Simone has constantly pushed the boundaries of her knowledge and expertise. Simone has also worked as a visiting lecturer on the Birmingham University RE PGDip course. Her commitment to the field is evident in her decision to pursue a PhD, delving into the unique approach to teaching RE in Birmingham.

But Simone's impact goes beyond just Religious Education. Her extensive knowledge of ITT and the Early Career Framework has allowed her to support teachers, school leaders, and governors in their professional development journey. As an Induction Manager and facilitator for the Best Practice Network, she plays a crucial role in shaping the next generation of educators and school leaders.

Simone's dedication to her craft is unwavering, whether she's engaging with faith groups, acting as the drafting secretary for the Agreed Syllabus Conference, advising on curriculum development, or delivering nationally recognised CPD as part of the NPQ suite of qualifications. Her passion for education is truly inspiring, as she continues to push boundaries, challenge norms, and lead by example in the world of education.

Helen GrundyHelen Grundy - Adviser, Services For Education

Helen's journey began in 1998 when she proudly graduated with a first-class honour’s degree in English and Education Studies. Her time studying in Amsterdam at the Hogeschool Holland added a TESOL element to her degree, opening her eyes to international approaches to education.

Her teaching career in Staffordshire saw her excel in various roles, from subject leadership to SENCo and SLT. Helen's passion and dedication led her to become a Leading Maths Teacher, supporting colleagues and ultimately transitioning into consultancy and advisory roles.

Joining Services For Education in 2015 as an Education Adviser, Helen's initial focus on Maths Advising quickly expanded to include managing the highly successful Health for Life in Primary Schools programme and overseeing ECT Induction. Her expertise is also sought after for delivering parts of the nationally recognised NPQ suite of qualifications.

Helen's journey is not just a career, but a testament to her unwavering commitment to education and the betterment of schools and students.   

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