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At Services For Education we provide both NQT registration and professional development to ensure teachers new to the profession develop fully to become outstanding practitioners.

Becoming newly qualified is a challenging and exciting time and we’ve found that NQTs and their mentors really benefit from guidance, support and the updates and communication that we have to offer.

In turn, schools will see a real boost in the teaching they provide and benefit from greater levels of retention of new teachers.

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High quality support with a respected reputation from Headteachers across the Midlands and surrounding countries

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Why Choose SFE As Your Appropriate Body?  

  • Personalised customer service  
  • Our dedicated NQT team process, read and quality assure every assessment submitted within a prompt time frame  
  • Our robust process has integrity and consists of email and telephone support, and visits for both NQT and leaders to support with concerns and QA processes  
  • Opportunity to meet the team at our NQT conference  
  • Value for money: registration fee of £260* includes a place on the nqt conference, telephone and email support and school visits*  
  • Flexibility to register your NQT’s for 1, 2 or 3 terms with registration fees adjusted accordingly  
  • Prompt response to request for support offering expertise and advice, and in school support  
  • Rolling registration and regular updates of NQT data to the TRA throughout the year  
  • We are able to draw on the expertise of our team of dedicated Educational Advisers covering EYFS, Primary and Secondary  
  • Established NQT Induction Tutor training offered termly  
  • Competitive pricing remaining the same for the last four years  

Acting on behalf of the Local Authority to support NQTs, we use an online system called NQT Manager. This allows you to register your NQTs in a paperless manner. The system is secure, encrypted and password protected.

Once you have registered an NQT the system will notify you when assessments are due and calculate end dates to induction etc.

However, our induction managers are still on hand to answer queries and provide face-to-face support when needed.

For a direct link to Birmingham’s NQT Manager system: LAbirmingham.nqtmanager.com

Follow the instructions of how to register your school.

The Autumn deadline for registering NQTs is Thursday 14th January

Click here to register now.

Covid-19 Update 26/05/2020

Following school closures and advice from the Department for Education, Services for Education acting on behalf of the City Council as the Appropriate Body for NQTs have met to discuss a further response to the current situation regarding NQTs currently completing induction.

During the current circumstances you will still need to ensure that an NQT has the opportunity to be meeting the Teachers’ Standards in a sufficient manner.

You need to ensure that:

  • the post is suitable to provide the NQT with the necessary employment tasks, experience and support to enable them to demonstrate satisfactory performance against the Teachers’ Standards;
  • the current situation does not normally demand teaching outside the age range and/or subjects(s) for which the NQT has been employed to teach;
  • the induction involves the NQT in regularly teaching the same classes;
  • the post involves similar planning, teaching and assessment processes to those in which other teachers working in similar substantive posts in the institution are engaged.

Due to the break in the normal induction circumstances, please get in touch with us when schools return to let us know whether your NQT requires more time in order to complete their induction satisfactorily.

For NQTs currently serving a term of their induction, an assessment report is needed this term (summer 2020), even if little progress towards the Teachers’ Standards has been made. This may mean that an NQT is ‘not making satisfactory progress towards meeting the Teachers’ Standards’ during this term. An extension can be granted in order to give the NQT more time in order to meet the Standards in a satisfactory manner.

Assessment deadline for this term: 16th July 2020

NQTs currently completing final term of induction (summer term 2020):

There may be some NQTs who are completing their final term of induction during this summer term. If your NQT is not meeting the Teachers’ Standards in a satisfactory manner at the end of this term (summer 2020) please get in touch with us so that we can discuss extending their induction. We will be able to change the third term ‘final’ assessment form to a third term ‘standard’ form, with an addition of a fourth term.

You will need to get in touch with us in order to make this change BEFORE submitting the third assessment, otherwise the data for your NQT will show that your NQT has completed their induction unsuccessfully.

Assessment deadline for this term: 16th July 2020

We will update you as and when appropriate and will provide further advice in line with Department for Education guidance.

Please email us at NQT@servicesforeducation.co.uk if you need any further guidance.

Covid-19 Update 18/03/2020

We are acutely aware that schools are preparing to potentially close due to the Covid-19 (Coronavirus). Following the advice from the Department for Education, Services for Education acting on behalf of the City Council as the Appropriate Body for NQTs have met to discuss our response to the current situation.

School Closures

Should school closures by relatively short term then those NQTs who are sufficiently meeting the Teachers’ Standards in a satisfactory manner by the end of their third term (this will be July for the majority of our NQTs) would be able to complete their induction at this point. For NQTs not making the satisfactory progress, and where school closures are deemed to have had a significant impact on their induction then we feel that it would be appropriate to extend induction by the number of days of the school closure. This will be assessed on a case by case basis.

Should school closures continue for a longer period we will reassess this initial guidance and update you in due course.

NQT Absence

Should the NQT contract Covid-19 or choose to self-isolate then absences up to and including 29 days are permitted,  as per the NQT Induction Guidance.


Assessments for the end of this term are now open and you are able to submit from today. If you are unable to complete your observation for this half term, but have sufficient evidence to make an accurate judgement on your NQT’s performance, then you may still submit your assessment.

We will update you as and when appropriate and will provide further advice in line with Department for Education guidance.

We provide a range of different courses to help support those in their first few years of teaching.

These courses are aimed at those primarily in their first and second years of teaching, as well as those overseeing their development.

As the appropriate body for Birmingham NQTs, we have a comprehensive understanding of the needs of newly and recently qualified teachers and our courses are open to all, whether you are registered with us as the appropriate body or another provider.

Free Podcast: How To Support and Retain High Quality NQTs

In this short podcast, NQT Advisers Helen and Simone share good practice they have seen in schools regarding supporting NQTs in order to meet teaching standards and retain staff.

Simone Whitehouse

Simone qualified with a PGCE in Religious Education following a Bachelors degree in Theology. Simone went onto lead RE in two demographically differently schools in Birmingham before working for the city’s advisory service.

Simone works in two areas: Religious Education and Newly Qualified Teachers. Working in Religious Education Simone works with faith groups and advises the Standing Advisory Council for RE (SACRE) on RE and Collective Worship. She has worked with others to design lesson plans for the Faith Makes a Difference website to support schools to implement the Birmingham Agreed Syllabus. She has worked on drafting the new 2019 Agreed Syllabus.

Simone also works with primary and secondary teachers and school governors. Working on behalf of the City Council as the Appropriate Body for NQTs Simone works with senior leaders and tutors to support their NQTs through induction.

Simone has recently been awarded her PhD – demonstrating her love of learning and Religious Education!

Helen Grundy

Helen qualified with a first class honours degree in English and Education Studies in 1998. A significant amount of her degree was spent studying in Amsterdam under the Hogeschool Holland, adding a TESOL element to her degree and enabling study and understanding of international approaches to education.

Helen’s teaching career then took place across Staffordshire in infant, first and primary schools, taking on various roles in subject leadership, as SENCo and SLT, and achieving the NCTL Leadership Pathways award.

Noted successful practice resulted in Helen becoming a Leading Maths Teacher, supporting colleagues across the county. This became a role which she increasingly enjoyed and led naturally a role in consultancy and advising.

Helen joined Services for Education in 2015 as an Education Adviser. Her role was primarily as a Maths Adviser however since joining the company has also become manager of the highly successful Health for Life in Primary Schools programme, NQT Manager as part of the LA approved Appropriate Body for NQT Induction and a member of the Statutory Assessment team.

Natasha Lawson-Hollingsworth

Natasha graduated with a BA Childhood Studies and after a decade as a Senior Recruiter in the Health and Social Care sector, started an engagement role in Higher Education.

Working in a busy careers department, Natasha delivered lectures on careers development and getting ready for the world of work. As well as being responsible for events and employer engagement, Natasha managed Masters students in-house internships.

Natasha joined Services For Education in 2017 and has since completed her Masters in Learning and Teaching.

Natasha manages many of our NQT processes.

Important information:

For more information contact us here or call us on 07825153836.

With extensive expertise and experience in providing high quality support for newly qualified teachers and their tutors, Services For Education acts as the Appropriate Body for the induction of NQTs for Birmingham Local Authority. 

Services For Education offers a comprehensive induction service including: 

  • Registration of NQTs with the Teaching Regulation Agency (TRA) 
  • Processing, monitoring and quality assurance of assessment forms including following up with schools as necessary 
  • Final decision making as to whether or not an NQT has made satisfactory progress against the Teacher Standards based on Headteacher/Principal recommendations 
  • Access to phone/email support from dedicated and knowledgeable Induction managers – Delivery of a half day Induction Meeting for NQTs 
  • The 3Ps: Process, Practice and Policy (optional at no additional cost) 
  • Advice and guidance for NQTs not making satisfactory progress or at risk of failure – Advice and guidance for NQT Induction Tutors 
  • Where required, carry out a visit per school to advise, support and quality assure that the appropriate monitoring and support is in place in line with statutory requirements 
  • Regular reminders of registration /assessment submission deadline dates and training opportunities that may be beneficial for NQTs and Induction Tutors 

Registration Cost 
The cost of registration is based on the academic year and charged (non-refundable) as follows: 

– £260 for each NQT registered at a school for three terms or FTE 
– £180 for each NQT registered at a school for two terms or FTE 
– £100 for each NQT registered at a school for one term or FTE 

An additional administration charge of £40 for each NQT will be incurred if Registration submissions (for beginning of term starters) and/or Assessment returns are received late of the published deadline dates. 

If an NQT leaves part way through induction there will be no refund of registration charges. 

Payment Schools will be invoiced for registrations and/or late submission administration charges within 30 days of the deadline dates for each term. 

Payment should be received by SFE within 30 days of receipt of the invoice(s). 

This includes: 
– a range of digital Early Career Development resources for NQTs  
– bespoke support and visits 
– Early Career Development Quality Mark 

This podcast is aimed at those primarily in their first and second years of teaching, providing a wide range of advice and good practice as you begin your career.

For more podcasts, webinars and online courses covering a range of different topics please visit our Digital Resources page, here.

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